. I walk alone .

    I had a chance to reconnect with someone from high school. Our paths crossed, but never connected. We were from different ends of the clique universe. She was a cheerleader and apart of the “in” crowd. I was from the group that got picked on by the in crowd. She, however, was never… More . I walk alone .

. heh.

  Depressed. Not sure the root cause. I feel it seeping in again. I am trying to remind myself daily of the things I’m thankful for. . . but having a hell of a time doing it. I go to bed around 5 A.M. I get up around 3pm. I don’t shower for days on… More . heh.

. Bad Seed .

PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE. IT’S WORTH THE MOMENT TO READ THE EXPERIMENT AND READ THE OUTCOME. IT RESONATED WITH ME. — In the pic below: Left facing apple got glowing, positive input. Right facing apple got all smack talk. Words can make you sick. And heavy. And dark. Words can… More . Bad Seed .