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Day One – No caffeine.. and second chances.

One of the orders I received from the emergency room was “no caffeine.” I am a woman who lives and thrives off of coffee. I mean, it’s the blood in my veins, it’s my existance, it is liquid sunshine. Today, is day one, and today has been consistant thoughts of the nectar of the Gods. I also changed a few of my eating essentials. I have purchased oat bread, turkey bacon, and will be increasing greens.

Today, my focus on gratitude is toward second chances. My scare I consider a wake up call and a second chance at life. Analyzing my anxiety and trying to find the root of it, a lot came to be from the whole friendship scenario I am hung up on. So today, in an act of positivity, I sent a friends request to the one I hurt the most over. After a few emails back and forth, the act of reaching out was accepted.

I am not looking to be that “bestie” again, I am looking to move forward as the adults we both are. I need closure… if anything to assist in working on my trust, ability to believe in others, and friendship again.

Today, I am thankful for second chances.

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