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What is this balance that is spoken of?

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.
~ Thomas Merton

My gratitude project is merely an avenue to seek internal happiness. Reading this quote today had me thinking about harmony and rhythm; above all “Balance.” What is this balance that is spoken of?”

Balance is something I’ve never been able to do. It’s so hard to find a stable platform in which to stand. But that’s where we all are, that’s what life is, right? We all are trying to find balance, rhythm and harmony. I definitely need balance and harmony today. I am struggling in a life with a mouthy, rebellious, and pissy 13 yr old boy.  I know that this is payback for my teenage years… but still. How does one find harmony in thoughts of throttling your child? And, how the heck am I supposed to find something to be thankful for in the midst of this frustration whirlwind?

Balance – I need to stand back and breathe. I need to remember that I was once this age. I need to remember that I also had hormones running a muck, attitude needing adjustment and disdain for the world as a whole. I need to relate to my child, and relate to those feelings. I need to remember not to negate his feelings, and just let him be.

Harmony -We will find harmony if I can remember the simple steps above.

Happiness – May be an undiscovered isle, but we can seek it together.  I am sure he will grow up into a reasonable man, but now, in this sea of hormones, we will ride the storm together.

Today, I am thankful for the memories of being a mouthy and angry teenager; as it helps me relate to my son.

6 thoughts on “What is this balance that is spoken of?

  1. You are so right. And you put it quite elegantly if I may say. Children are quite difficult creatures but they are here to teach us. To make us grow as a person. You guys will be okay. I know you will.


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