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Today’s Moments…

Do you complain about the weather, life, health, people, the government, or the system?

Complaining saps energy, and drags others down. Instead of complaining, try radiating positive energy.
Lift the spirits of others with good humour.                 ~innerspace

Ah… Monday again. This Monday was wonderful though. My son was home from school due to in service day for teachers, and for a change he was quite pleasant. He assisted me around the house, and earned game time. I enjoy these days, as they come few and far between. My innerspace quote of the day had me thinking of him, and his need to complain about everything… and again I am reminded of hormones.

Also, the owner of our house came by to repair the flooring. It’s wood flooring, and a week ago the dishwasher sprung a leak and went beneath the wooden pieces, causing it to buckle and come up. ‘Twas quite the mess. I am grateful that we have a manager who isn’t a slum lord. He’s a good, honest, and sincere man. We could be living in a number of places that surround us, where the manager doesn’t give a rats.

As a family we went out to a Chinese Buffet, as the manager was still working on our kitchen flooring. I enjoyed that too. One of the first times in a long time where there wasn’t bickering or arguing with one another. Just a nice jovial dinner.

Today, I am thankful for today as a whole.

One thought on “Today’s Moments…

  1. Nice blog! Sorry to hear about the floor but I understand how that goes. We too had to and still have to replace the floor in the bathroom. Only part of the floor got replaced not all of it. In order for the whole floor to get replaced we have to take out the bathtub again. It is going to be a messy job which I can’t be around when it happens cuz of my asthma. Well I’m thankful that you are thankful for having a great landlore that cares about the house you live in.


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