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Empty Pot to Fill

“We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want” – Lao TzuMy unemployment is running out of time, and I will need to file an extension soon. My husband found out about a program that allows me to attend college for two years on UI benefits. I laid awake last night thinking about the possibilities. I am , as the quote says, an empty pot that can hold whatever I desire. I just need to get into action and do it. I love to write, and when I was in college before, the classes enjoyed the most were my writing and my psychology classes. I pondered what I could study that would benefit one, if not both, of those categories. The conclusion I came up with is journalism.

I am eager and excited to start this venture. I’ve been complaining and begging to go back to school. I left just a few credits shy of my AA. I am going to look into what my options are on the UI extension / College Courses.

3 thoughts on “Empty Pot to Fill

  1. A degree demonstrates your ability to learn.

    Expecting to earn money for what you have learned is foolish.

    Money is earned through what you can accomplish with what you have learned.

    Self study is the master of all studies.

    When you commit your mind to making money through journalism, ways of making money will be waiting for you to find them.

    Please, please, consider this.

    Sure utilise UI funding to keep you a float, but your wealth be found when you seek to earn not attain a credential.

    Best of luck……I know all will work out for you.


    1. I have always had a long desire to learn, I crave going back to school.

      I never expected to “earn money” from what I have learned. I am a writer, I write reviews on books and documentaries for various magazines. However, I do not get paid to do so. It would be nice to have a compensation from doing what I love.

      My mind is committed to learning, and utilizing what I’ve gained. I am far too creative to sit in an office as an assistant for the rest of my life.

      I have dreams of combining my photography with my writing.


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