If you have boundless enthusiasm for the task at hand, you will invigorate everyone around you and inspire them to take up the challenge even in difficult times. ~ Wally Amos

The task at hand for me is to push forward each day in finding something to be greatful for. It has become a daunting task, as my life revolves around sitting at home. It’s been hard since the day they let me go from my previous job. I sit, do laundry, mess around on the computer, read, watch television and nap. That’s the gist of my day. I try to mix it up a bit by doing various other chores, but how depressingly lame.

2 thoughts on “Enthusiasm

  1. Thought you were to invest time in learning to write for journalism opportunities.

    If you are not enthusiasm about it and invested in it, then why should anyone else invest into giving you opportunities?

    You won’t get anywhere doing what your doing now.

    Act Now, Just believe! The enthusiasm and action will come when you believe you can do it.


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