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Opinions constitute Drama?

“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”
Bertrand Russell

I used to belong to a lot of online forums, but as of late I only belong to one. I have a lot of respect in the people on this forum, as well as those who run it. However, lately, the tension is so thick I have found myself rarely visiting. The forum managers pride themselves on having an “open” and “encouraging discussions that oppose views” (as long as it doesn’t cross the personal attack threshold. This is one reason I really am fond of this forum. As I am very opinionated, however, I try to be diplomatic in delivering my view points. I am a person with different thoughts, opinions and actions. I pride myself on being an “out of the box” thinker.

Recently, a post was sent out about “Drama, in all its forms, will not be accepted.” Here’s my question, when does opinions begin to constitute “drama”? The only thing I can determine is when the opinion is varying of those who run the forum. Take example a statement that I left on a post regarding another “project” like my 365 Gratitude. The manager has created a similar idea, concept and site surrounding her venture into personal growth. All I said was “Hmm… interesting, it’s very similar to my gratitude project.” Little did I know it was going to create a negative volley of opinions. I personally do not see drama in my statement, it was only a statement observing the similarities.

So again, I want to know when does an opposing opinion become drama? Isn’t that what the forum is encouraging; varying views and discussions that follow? It only becomes drama when someone is hurt, or if the intent was to stir up hurt. I did neither of these, and, in the long run I was hurt. It feels as though those I had become rather close to, on the forum and in life, have pulled back somewhat. I do not feel that I can post without someone raising an eyebrow and crying wolf. I am stubborn, Taurus through and through, and I refuse to bend to appease others. I am content with my opinions, however, I am not so inept to the point where I cannot hear others views and discuss them. I firmly believe that “drama” starts when communication breaks down.

You can only empower drama by what you put into it. Opinions, are not drama. I have begun to feel that unless you carry the same view as those running this forum, and you caudal and encourage the behaviors, you will not be accepted. I feel pushed out and unwanted. In that, I feel a sense of loss. I have pulled away from those I respect and care about.

Today, I am thankful for the ability to think, have opinions, express them and communicate in a healthy manner.

5 thoughts on “Opinions constitute Drama?

  1. I got into a “heated” discussion yesterday with a friend about issues of modesty (we are both Christians) and we have totally different views. I will not back down from what I feel is right and neither will she and in the end we just agreed to disagree and will continue to be friends. I just plan to steer clear from the subjects where we are polar opposites. That’s life and it makes it more interesting if you ask me. 🙂


  2. It does make it interesting, however, being human we are also primal in aspects. When you have one person who varies in view, on something like a public forum, you tend to learn the pack mentality rather quickly. I still don’t believe what I said was ‘drama’ in nature, just an observation. However, again, it is written word. People cannot hear your “voice” inflictions through writing. Someone who is more apt to take offense, will.


  3. Yes, I totally agree. It’s the downside of communicating like this. Often people cannot really tell what your heart and motive is like through the written word. Also I do understand what you mean by the pack mentality. Keep your head up!


  4. Interesting.

    What did you really mean when you said ““Hmm… interesting, it’s very similar to my gratitude project.”

    What were you expecting her to say?

    What were you hoping she would say?

    What were you hoping that others think about what you said?

    If you thought maybe she copied yours, perhaps you could have asked a question.

    Something like, ” Your project is very similar to mine, I’d love to know more about where your inspiration came from. Perhaps we have more in common.”

    Personally, slowing down and thinking a lot more about what I am trying to say has changed my ability to communicate and the outcomes of my communication.

    I’m no saint. But I do find that if I write something and then think about what it is that I am really trying to say, then I find I re-write the sentence to where it seems like a completely different question and actually seems more likely to give me the answer to the real question I had.

    It’s though but we all grow through our lives and that includes our ability to communicate, as soon as we think we are the done deal we loose the ability to create more opportunities for life and love.


  5. Well, the person who started the project didn’t have an issue. We talked, a lot, about it after the fact. I encouraged hers, she’s encouraged mine. It’s the others on the forum who attempted to drum up drama.

    What were you expecting her to say?
    I wasn’t “expecting” her to say anything, it merely was an observation.

    What were you hoping she would say?
    I wasn’t hoping anything was said, again, merely an observation.

    What were you hoping that others think about what you said?
    Wasn’t hoping anything.


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