Weird Dream Again –

Weird Dream Again –

Vinnie, Bug and I were on a road trip. We had this military gray lady bird bus we were using as an RV. We were traveling and stopped for gas. Vinnie observed some lady getting jumped and kidnapped. He ran back to the bus and told bug and I to cover up, hide. We piled under a bunch of blankets and items to look like a pile of crap. I could see through the cloth and watched as this gang of rough looking men boarded the bus.

They took Vinnie, after giving him a beat down, and began to search the bus. Vinnie put up a fight, causing their attention to go back to him. When Bug and I felt the situation was safe for us to come out, we did. We stashed our important belongings in a hidden compartment in the back of the bus. We carefully climbed out. In my dream Bug was younger, 9 or so, and smaller. We were in this small, low populated town. It looked like this gang ran pretty much the whole town. It was set up like an old school / campground mixed. The whole area was desolate but for this town. There were buildings that were living quarters, a centralized campground shower / high school locker room type of building, and a crematorium with laundry facilities. The gas station was a false front to get people to stop, and then become victims.

Bug and I set out to find Vinnie. I got so focused on Vin, that I didn’t notice Bug had wandered off. I stood around like I belonged there, trying to fit in, so I could overhear any discussion that may lead me towards Vinnie’s path. I had heard they took new victims into a cleaning area, and I immediately went towards the showers. I rushed in, and went through a maze of areas. In the first area were toilets, second area were women searching and purging clothing and valuables, and finally the showers.

The men were on the left and women on the right. They were lined up in these stainless steal shower stalls with benches and a gate in front of them shackling their legs. ( |_|_|_|_|_| ) Women were scrubbing women, and men scrubbing men. They were rough, mean and inappropriate about it. Men were making humiliating comments to the shackled men. In the center were lines of tables, like a cafeteria, where women were going through the clothing, emptying pockets, and tossing unusable clothing. It felt very much like a internment camp.

I walked right up to Vinnie, grabbed the washer by the balls, and put a knife to his neck. I told him, “release my husband or I’ll slit your throat, and rip your balls off”… the guy reluctantly reached down and undid the shackles. Vinnie looked bad. He was beaten, bruised, and red from the scolding water. He could barely see, or talk. He just leaned on me, and cried. I walked him out of the room as he leaned on me for balance. We walked into the next room which was a clean laundry folding room, and grabbed a sheet from one of the tables. I wrapped in, and the realized “where the F* is bug?”

I rushed Vinnie to an area and hid him. I went out to find Bug. I heard, by listening, that he was taken to the mother of the leader’s house, “grandma.” I made a plan to get Bug back, and it worked. However, it was a dream so this area is vague. With Bug back, and Vinnie in my arms, we snuck down into this junkyard looking housing area. People were rifling through people’s vehicles. The yard boss was barking orders, and I approached him. We found out he’d grown tired of doing this, hurting people, and wanted out as well.

He hid us, and went to get his car. He had an old 60s VW Bus, flat panel with no windows. He hid us in the back, and I woke up when we were on the freeway out of harms way.

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