My Life

Weapons of Mass Destruction

“Most people have never learned that one of the main aims in life is to enjoy it.” – Samuel Butler

Today, I am thankful for beautiful, sunny days. I am thankful for good company. I am thankful for creative eyes.

I decided to go, get out and be active today. I charged my camera, I charged my phone and off I went. One of the things that brings me joy in life is photography.

First, I set out to find shoes for my son. he’s been complaining that he needs them.. so.. there I went. I first looked around a few shops, but couldn’t find what he was looking for. I ended up at Journey’s, and found a high top pair of vans that are blue and white checked. Knowing this would be a hit with him, I purchased them. Since I was down by my husband’s work, I thought I’d stop by with food and spend lunch with him. I picked up some Thai food; num nummay. He was a bit indifferent about it, but in the end he liked it. It was nice, sitting across from him eating lunch. I am truly blessed, and filled with joy, knowing how much I am loved. It is a beautiful sunny day here in the South Seattle area, and man it’s fantastic. Bright, sunshiny day; perfect for photography.

I belong to a photography group that posts challenges each week. This week is “Weapons or Defense.” with this in mind, I headed out to the Memorial Park here in our city. These are the shots I chose out of the batch:

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