My Life

Old musty books

So, in the thrift store today looking through old poetry books, I came across a small, green book with ornate decoration on it. It’s hardback, handheld sized, and yellowed old pages. I opened it up, and it was printed in 1881. This book is in FABU condition. Written on the inside of the book is an inscription to somebody for Christmas, 1883. …

“Mrs. Mary _ _ _ _ ,
from her friend Mrs. J. A.  _ _ _ _ worth

Christmas 1883″

I’ve googled it, I’ve searched for reference or information on it. I cannot seem to find any. I bought it for $1.00.

It’s a daily devotional for a Pilgrim’s church. In the front it says “Respectfully Dedicated to All Fellow Pilgrims” Elizabeth T. Hinchey printed in Rochester NY, Steele & Avery 1881

Imagine all the history within these pages. Imagine all the hands that have held the book, reading it, and seeking guidance from within. Such history within a small decorated book.

Today, I am thankful for our history.

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