My Life

Round pegs and round holes..

Today is one of those days that I have to reach down really deep to find something to be thankful for. Nothing out of the ordinary happened to leading me to pause in my tracks, reflect and be thankful the feelings left behind. So I sit here pondering the days events trying to find something.

I know that I would like to say again, something is up. There was yet another earthquake. Mother Gaea has something to say. If we don’t stop and listen, we will be eliminated.
7.0 Earthquake in Haiti,
7.0 Earthquake in Japan,
8.8 Earthquake in Chile,
6.4 Earthquake in Taiwan

It’s time to listen up, slow down, and hear what she’s saying to us.

On a lighter note, my son came home with his schedule for high school. I think it’s great that he has the mind that he has. He’s chosen Japanese, Band and Culinary. Oooo… there we go.

I am upset that the school systems don’t create a curriculum to fit the needs of the child. Rather than putting them in classes they think they need. We don’t need every child to be lawyers, computer forensics, doctors, etc. We need a curriculum that fit the frame of mind for the child. Just as one child may grow up and become a doctor, another one is going to grow to be a musical conductor. Not every child is a round peg that fits perfectly in a round hole.

I am thankful for having a bright, creative son.

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