My Life

Uh huh, Goddamn right it’s a beautiful day

Driving down the road, windows open and wind in my hair. God how lovely that is. I see that other people are smiling, adorning sunglasses, and their windows  are open as well. How smashing it is to see smiles on their face, and all of this is brought on my the sun shining high in our Washington State Sky.

Spring is TOTALLY around the corner.

I enjoyed riding along the city in my little blue hatchback. My hair is pulled back into two braids, fresh lip gloss on and I find myself smiling at everyone. I took the pugs for a little walk, even they seem to have a bit more skip to their step. There are teenagers walking up and down are street caring skateboards, ipods and laughing with their friends.

I sat out on the front porch while the dogs ran havoc in the front year. I noticed little sprouts of flowers and plants coming up in our flower beds. I contemplated what I wanted to plant this year. All of this was conceived out of the sun shining high in the sky.

Who knew that the sun could promote such well being. I swear, the whole state of Washington is under the heaviness of seasonal affective disorder. We’re all so bitchy and mean towards one another in the fall to winter. I wish it could be a perfect 60 degrees, slight clouds in the sunshiny sky, with a mild breeze every day.

Today, I am thankful for it being a beautiful day.

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