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Been awhile

It has been awhile since I have written, and I do apologize. Negativity in life can sometime distract and inject itself into areas of our lives, forcing us to pull back and recluse sometimes. I am back, and I am more thankful than ever.

My mind is alive with thoughts, rants and gifts of thanks. This is a warning ahead of time that this may be a lengthy blog, hopefully I will meet you at the end of it and have found you read it in its entirety. Which so many things plaguing my mind, I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to start writing this. I am a very “itemized” list type of girl, and with the flurry of thoughts and emotions over the last month or so, I have not been able to sit myself down and start the blog. I know that this is a 365 days of gratitude venture, however, it has turned into both thankful for and working through my personal tribulations. I guess I will start where everything slammed face first into a wall of frustration, graffitied with drama.

In the hopes of not rehashing or reopening the wound we call drama, I am only going to write about how it made those around me feel. A pretty stupid incident happened, and in hind sight I wish I could retract some of what was said and done. However, as the owner of my emotions, I accept what has happened. I have learned from it, and I have pushed forward hoping not to do it again.

One thought on “Been awhile

  1. Lovin checkin out your posts! I can relate with having to sometimes pull back and retreat/heal and come back out to the game…I myself just did that…no I’m back out looking for inspiration and education with some fun thrown in just in case! 😉 Love your writing! I’ll be back!


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