Movies this weekend

Never Was


’nuff said.


Valentine’s Day


Absolutely cute movie. I  loved how all of the stories came together.
Loved how some of the romances worked, and some did not. The cast was spectacular.
Only suggestion I have for the writer’s would have been to focus on Julia Robert’s character further.
Worth watching.


The Road


Long, slow movie about post apocalyptic survival.
It left too many open endings, left too many questions unanswered,
and just was slow getting to the point. This movie could have been a
phenomenal movie. But compared to “Book of Eli” or “Legion”, this movie failed.
The idea was good, but the delivery was poor.


Dear John

Sad, romantic sappy movie with a shitty ending. I mean, did they end up together?
Did they reunited as friends after all these years?

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