My Life

Call me crazy…

But if you do, don’t bother to come knocking if Anarchy or 2012 happens.

Remember the Medical Fact THREE 3’s
– 3 weeks without Food – Humans Will Die
– 3 days without Water- Humans Will Die
– 3 Minutes without Oxygen – Humans WILL DIE

Simple raw materials for baking, such as flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, oil and shortening can be assets in a survival situation. For long-term survival storage, honey stores for years and can replace sugar in recipes. Rather than storing flour or meal, purchase the raw grain and a hand mill. Then you can mill your own flour whenever necessary. Red winter wheat, golden wheat, corn and other grains can be purchased in 45-pound lots packed in nitrogen-packed bags and shipped in large plastic pails.

Tip – Always drink while eating, your body looses lots of water while digesting. If you do not have water to drink – DO NOT EAT!

Prepared List

Dehydrated Foods
Canned Foods, Low Acid lasts longer
Vitamins (C, D)
Weapons and Ammo
Solar Panels
Air Filtration System
Water Filtration System
Medical First Aid Kits
Medications (asprin)
Liquid Bleach and Cleaning Alcohol
Face Masks
Polarshield Survival Blanket
Medical How To Books
Survivalist Books
Entertainment Items: Cards, etc.
Sleeping Bag
Hand Crank Radio
Shake and Light flashlights
Toiletries (can be old sheets, cloth, clothing, etc if needed)
Candles and Matches

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