Weekend Movies

This weekend we watched the following movies:

The New Daughter

Staring: Kevin Costner, Samantha Mathis
Plot: A single father moves his two children to rural South Carolina, only to watch his daughter exhibit increasingly strange behavior.

Watchability: Although the movie was interesting, started out creepy, the end was a bit too bizarre. This movie is good for a curl in, popcorn on hand, snuggle with your husband movie.


Staring: the late Brittany Murphy, Thora Birch
Plot: A screenwriter who travels to an abandoned house to finish a script on time, but a series of strange events lead her to a psychological breakdown.

Watchability:  I thoroughly enjoyed the twist in this movie. Concerned about the look Brittany Murphy, hoping it had to do with her character and not her in person. The end of the movie was fantastic.

Haunting at Winchester

Not Star Worthy!!

Plot: A family moves in to look after the Winchester mansion for a few months, and soon find themselves terrorized by vengeful spirits. With the help of a paranormal investigator they’ll unravel the mystery of the house.

Watchability:   BLEH…BLEH … BLEH don’t waste your time. The movie says it’s “Based” on true events, yet the only truth we can see behind it was the story behind the Winchester Mystery. Even the house used in the movie wasn’t the house, or represented it well. They shot the movie in some remote location, and anyone who knows the real Mansion, it is in the middle of a busy California city block.  Even the plot was a rip off of Sixth Sense, with a twisted ending.

The Answer Man

Starring: Jeff Daniels, Lauren Graham, Kat Dennings
Plot: A reclusive author of spiritual books, is pursued for advice by a single mother and a man fresh out of rehab.

Watchability: YES YES YES. This is a cute movie about a one time, hit it big, author who writes a book about the answers in life for all the hard questions. There’s romance, bromance, and more. Well worth it!!

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