My Life

Opinions are like ….

Oh today, today, today today.

I think the internet is horrible for having a discussion about  views and opinions. You cannot convey properly without the needed inflections and connotations of your voice backing your opinion.

Today is a prime example of this happening. After a heated discussion about some news headlines today, a friend and I (and her husband) totally didn’t meet eye to eye. Now, this friend and I have varying opinions on a lot of things, it’s never reached this level of “fuck off” attitude.

If a person is going to post a thought thread on a social networking site, it’s bound to gather momentum and people will comment. This is what I did. I have a radically different opinion than her and her mate’s. However, when I said “apparently we will not see eye to eye, it’s a good thing we all have our own opinions.”

The retort was, “Don’t come to MY profile and post…..” Isn’t it ironic that it comes to that? Don’t post it if you only want the same opinions as yours.

So, in the end I value friendships that are supportive of various opinions. I value her. I think she’s an amazing chick. She’s a little wild, totally hippie, and just all around awesome. Today’s events has me saddened a little. No way to come back from that.

I value the ability to openly speak my mind, and never feel shame for doing so.

I regret that it got so nasty, instead of just being an opposing discussion.

Today, I am thankful for opinions, even if I don’t agree with it.

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