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I get so frustrated these days watching anything on television. I am forced to turn off the sound during commercials. The one that recently is under my skin is a medication called Latisse. Apparently, Latisse helps women who have “puny” eyelashes grow them beautifully long and full.

Here’s my problem, since when do we need to change everything about ourselves, right down to the eyelashes? My eyelashes are pretty “puny”, but so be it. I was gifted this face, these eyes, and even my eyelashes by a higher power… and by genetics. It’s hard as it is to have low self esteem, but man, add comments from commercials and peers, it makes it almost too hard to breathe. I don’t know about every woman with low self esteem, but for me, when I see a commercial like that I start to self analyze. After the analysis, I begin to look at other women, and then the comparing starts.

We’re already a world where we compare ourselves to others, why can we not just be content with what was given to us?

Dye your gray hair…. I prefer not to thank you. Each gray is a representation of a day passed, a day survived, and a long life ahead.

Change your clothes … I prefer not thank you. I enjoy my random stylings. I have always been “a little weird” since Jr. High. I’d like to keep my uniqueness, thanks.

Wear make up… I actually read an article that said the top ten things to do/not to do style wise in an interview. It said that women need to wear make up, it’s a necessity. That potential employers look at an unmade up woman as a woman who doesn’t give an effort. Excuse me? I don’t wear make up because I don’t like it. It makes me break out, it makes me look like a clown, and I think I have fantastic features without it, thanks. Doesn’t mean I don’t give an effort. I do my hair up, I wear matching accessories. .. But I will not fall prey to being an over made up, under fed, neurotic sense of self.

Enough is enough already. We, as women, totally need to invest more time in complimenting ourselves in the mirror than comparing ourselves to each other.

I know, easier said than done. I know that I will never be perfect, it’s taken a long time to say that… let alone believe it. I know that I will not clean the house the best. I know that I  have frumpy, scruffy, no style days.  I know that I will always be overweight, but doesn’t mean that I can’t get fit. I know that I can only love myself as much as I allow myself too.

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