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Building you, building friendships.

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Build friendships with people who make you a better person.  Hang out with people that bring out your best.  You don’t need to abandon your old friends like everyone else tells you to.  Just realize that maybe you need to alter those relationships a little bit in order to make room for people that are bringing out the best in you.  If you’re lucky, your old friends are already doing that…”

Just a gentle reminder to myself. It’s easier written, or said, than done. We all have a tendency to cling to things of the past. Whether it be people, motions, or emotions. I like that the article said, “Don’t abandon your old friends, learn to alter the relationship.” That does not mean change the other person, for you can’t change another they have to change themselves. Instead, alter how you act and react to situations. It makes things healthier for you, and those around you.

I am one of those that clings to the comfort of my defense mechanisms, it is my norm,.. my security blanket. I know that a lot of them are not healthy, and in the long run cause more issues with relationships that what is healthy. In the aspect of altering a relationship, ultimately we are altering ourselves and our reactions to anxiety that arises in relationships.

The optimal relationship would be one who is supportive of you in your process of change, understanding of you in moments you slip, and patient with you through the ups and downs.

One thought on “Building you, building friendships.

  1. Beautiful!
    You have made me think. What if we all understood that we are here to support each other… and nothing else. Imagine that world.
    Thank you for writing. We can (and do) change things.


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