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Elitist .. Family Time
I am trying to be a more thankful, compassionate, sincere person. This is really hard when you’re the type who is very opinionated, and I have never found it hard to hold my tongue. However, I am also thankful that we are human, and with being human we are gifted the ability to hold our own opinions.  I start to become un-thankful when opinions turn into elitism, or snobbery. Which leads me to the recent event(s) that has lead me to writing this entry.

Every Friday in our house we have “movie night.” It’s a way for my husband, son and I to come together and enjoy each other. We usually do pizza, have a few movies and just veg in each others presence.  Well, about a year or so ago we brought a roommate in. He’s very into movies, but, he’s autistic. He gets his mind wrapped around certain ideas or ideals, and causes the rest of us to mildly suffer; last night was no exception.

We had rented a couple of stupid comedies, Date Night and Furry Vengeance. He proceeded to stand in the living room doorway, bitch about the movies and how stupid Hollywood has become. Then stormed out to his room. That’s all fine and dandy, but, every Friday night seems to be the same ordeal. I am thankful that he’s able to form his own opinions, however, I get frustrated when he comes across like we’re idiots for opting to watch a stupid comedy.

In a lot of sense, he’s rather elitist and snobbish when it comes to movies. If it’s not noir, obscure or from the late 50s, then it’s worth shit. Well, sometimes, we don’t rent the movies to watch movies… we rent them to have family time. SO when he’s pissing and moaning, bagging on the general public for having “Lower intelligence”… he’s insulting our family routine. That… is where I get pissed. I personally didn’t have a family routine growing up. I didn’t eat dinner at a table, I didn’t have a family night… my mom was usually out, and I was at a friends. I wanted to establish some kind of connection with my son, while he was young enough to be interested and still appreciate it. Those days are becoming scarce and thin, for he’s now 14.

My lesson in this is to realize he’s not a typical guy, he has Autism. I need to learn patience moreso than ever with him. I need to let it roll off my back, and still enjoy the family time. I hate life lessons, but, what can I do? They are there for a reason.

So, I am thankful for his ability to have passion about the movie scene and I am thankful for my son still enjoying a little bit of family time.

I am unthankful for the elitist, snobbery that surrounds it.

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