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How can you be happy for someone who is not happy for themselves?

I never figured I would be one to be on this side of depression; you know the observation side. I am clinically depressed, I know the feelings from the individual suffering side. However, just recently a friend relocated to our state and has been staying with us. I never thought I would be the one pacing internally, wondering what I can do to help, change, or brighten their day. But here I am, pondering that very action.

She is very down; down on herself, down on her looks, just down. She moved here for a change, for growth, to get established again. But, I am afraid she’s sunken so deep into depression that she cannot a see the road laid out before her.

I am frustrated and so I am asking you, how do you help re-establish “happiness” in someone who can’t find it themselves?

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  1. divine…..every human being is unique…by chance here…simple long walk in the garden for minimum 10 to 15 minutes….and prayer for 3 minutes minimum…….try ….it is good..and it will help…
    Whether we are Atheist or Theist, whether woman or man, whether searcher or seeker, whether teacher or student, whether rich or poor, whether child or old, whether working or retiring and whether knowledgeable or ignorant,..…..
    We all have a deep thirst for a kind of happiness which we feel we know but some how we have not been able to hold it permanently except we have short glimpses on certain occasions………………..
    As humans do not remember their childhood from birth till three to four years of age and a child remains in the union of right and left brain, the state of now or present forming mirror to zero, till this union last (no line on water ,water is neutral and zero calorie )
    no memory ,pure happiness, what many refer as god, and many as no
    god,no self, nirvana, sunayata,………..
    man because of gender has a natural inclination towards left brain which is masculine in nature represents body.

    as we grow in age ,shift occurs from zero awareness to soul awareness to mind awareness and to body awareness in a fluid manner gap widens between right and left brain and journey into the world mind, material and memories of joy and sorrow and gradual loss of happiness ,that invaluable taste of zero, which we want to replenish with values of the material world without understanding the nature of zero.

    ( in our sleep this cycle get reversed everyday by beta,alpha, theta,and delta brain waves last resulting into zero awareness sleep )

    Balance between the two will be the humanity beyond gender.

    left hand governed by right brain represents the “soul”.
    right hand governed by left brain represents “body”.

    fold them together for prayer to experience oneness that is present and taste of god…..minimum for three minutes …..as many times one like to be stress free……
    that is namaste (eastern greeting gesture ) to bow to god in oneself.

    Happiness is prayer and thanks to zero.
    love all…


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