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soul connection, child of the universe

I am starting to change directions with my blog. Although I am still very thankful, and will be posting thankful thoughts and gratitude, I am moving more into a journal of the change I am going through. I will be posting my fears, my counseling, and how it all affects me over all. As I start to reconnect with the light I have inside me, and I start to expand that light changing my life around me, I will be posting the outcomes. I still feel that gratitude has to be a catalyst for the start, but I feel that all my actions are reactions to my fears. I am looking to release my inhibitions.

My blog will now be called Soul Connect; which is the process of what I am trying to achieve. I am trying, at 34, to figure out who I am and what my worth is. I am taking back the power from those who have stripped it from me over the years.

Welcome to the revamped Gratitude page, and enjoy Soul Connect.

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