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Tell me Mr. President

This is a post regarding employment and my mom. This is what she is going through, and with that it shows how dire our country’s standing is. I read it off of her facebook page, and it really struck a chord with me.

A legacy ends with the suspended operations of my company. 103 years of a family owned business; owned by the most wonderful, unpretentious and loving family and it all came to an end at 4:00 P.M. yesterday as the owner told us, in tears that he had to suspend operations.

The FDIC took turned our bank, Frontier, over to Union Bank out of California on May 13th at which time all commercial loans and lines of credit were placed on hold pending contract reviews. Three months later they are still “reviewing.” Bank officials are dragging their heels with no one wanting accept responsibility to renew our contract and allow us to continue doing business.

In these trying times, it is virtually impossible to continue to run a business on a cash basis. It only took three months for the bank to bury a legacy.  Most of the employees have spent their entire lives working for this family.  None of us are young.

Faced with a horrible economy and competition by hundreds for any job openings it is unlikely at our ages that many of us will become gainfully employed in the near future. No one wants to hire a 58 year old woman, let alone my 64 year old counterpart or the many project managers also in their 50’s.

Tell me Mr. President, how will you take care of me?”
Will you send me that big check now?
Will you “share the wealth” with me, an old, fat, white woman who can’t produce anchor babies in order to join the public dole?
Will you buy my medicine?
Will you pay my mortgage?
Will you buy food for me; pay my utilities, my insurance or my bills so I don’t have to file bankruptcy?

One thought on “Tell me Mr. President

  1. The loss of jobs is terrible in this climate. I am currently making about 30% of what I used to make. I don’t foresee myself making a lot more money very soon. However, there’s hope for all of us. Although it took a year (half of it which I spent at school and wallowing in my self-pity), there are jobs available, and the job market is growing.

    I understand the initial shock of having devoted so much of yourself to a company and all of a sudden not having that safety net for you.
    But… “No one wants to hire a 58 year old woman, let alone my 64 year old counterpart or the many project managers also in their 50′s.” is not quite true. Many of the people that have lost their jobs have been in their 50’s, and like in many other companies, our company has been hiring a lot of “older” workforce now that we’re back to an upswing 🙂

    I hope the best for your mother.


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