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She’s alive <3

Arriving at work half hour late, eggnog pumpkin spice latte in hand, I pull out my seat and start up my computer. Outlook says, “112 new messages,” and four days of work to attack. I am happy to be living. I am happy to be working. I am…. happy.

Update on me. I had a mediastinosopy on Thursday of last week. They are still trying to rule out Lymphoma, and make a definite diagnosis of sarcoidosis. Either way, I’m happy to be here, sincerely. I look like the losing end of a knife fight, but alas, just in time for Halloween. I have my own special FX make  up going.

The last four days have whipped by like a breeze. I’ve been doing a lot of writing in my stories; which is always a wonderful way to spend sick days.

3 thoughts on “She’s alive <3

    1. FWS – Thank you!! It’s been an uphill run, but alas, when I reach the top I’ll be thrilled. I’ve got a lovely gash in my neck from the surgery, just in time for Halloween. lol. I have a thought out blog I’ll probably post today. Hope things are well in FWS world.


      1. It’s going good. I’m chipping away pounds, and trying to deal with my anger/ people issues that seem to come alongside with dieting and trying to be true to myself. Gosh, wish we were all nice people all the time!!! haha.

        I really do find so much strength within your writing. That in mind, I hope you remember to be thrilled of the journey to the top too 🙂 After all, most of the time the most satisfying part are the lessons you learn on your way to your goals… the goals is just the icing on the whole big cake 🙂


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