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Healing the friendship heart..

I don’t believe in coincidences, I truly do not. I posted an apology letter / blog to a previous friend. Today, in counseling, I discussed my karma of being an jerk in my younger years and how I feel that it’s now turning around on me in regards to how people treat me today.

I am tired of defending my right to be here; I feel I have been defending my position in life even before birth.

Today’s thought of the day message in my in box:

Healing Your Heart

Heal the rifts in your soul that have been caused by toxic relationships in the past.

Instead of rehashing the past, revisit the past with understanding.  Can you learn anything from those relationships?  Did you in any way allow or prolong the toxic behaviour?  Were there any unfair expectations?

Open your heart and forgive yourself and the other person.  Heal your heart, so that you’re able to leave the past relationships in the past and move on.*tdjpmOzP2v-p2g64AHprEYtQEkfprlyvCP-YzC28dwis30IPRNI1VIzsBwqLfyfM*Kb-QiyZo-GSBsV/Heart_of_Oneness_1_1.jpg.jpg

One thought on “Healing the friendship heart..

  1. wow. not a coincidence. i believe in karma. i have alot of bad karma following me. dunno if its from my past. i was never “bad” but grew up in an abusive house since an infant and just seem to have had bad luck in everyway ever since…and it continues now. i am looking for a good counselor around here to go speak to, as i’m sure my husband is tired of hearing all my sadness and anxieties. my life has been one sad soap opera and i can’t seem to get out of the lead part. thanks for this post…got me at the right moment for sure….i wish u the best! xo


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