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Communication.. breakdown

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

I am a super huge advocate for communication. I believe communication is key in any relationship (friend, love, family), and when it breaks down the relationship falls apart.

Well, I have found myself in a bit of a quandary. I am unsure how to say, or even approach, someone on a situation that’s been itching under my skin to be purged.

I just don’t know even where to begin.

*sigh*… short entry, I know. I needed to get this off my chest.

3 thoughts on “Communication.. breakdown

  1. Probably best just to go up and say “Hey, ya know, this is difficult for me, but I have something that’s been on my mind lately and am hoping you will hear me out on it?”…..usually people will, unless they are pig-headed meanies…lol. You are right though..communication is key in every relationship. Good luck with this particular “itch!” 😉


  2. Oo.. That’s just it, this person it’s very approachable. Lately it seems their attitude has gone from negative to vile. I am not sure how to even broach the topic.

    The problem is this, we have house guests. They were a couple, now they’re not. One isn’t working, but, she’s totally helping out when and how she can. Whether it be cleaning, or what have you. She was working a PT sales job, and when she had funds she’s totally be there giving what she can.

    Her former mate, however, is working. There hasn’t been any gratitude from him. I got him the job, and he’s been there about a month an a half. He’s had a few checks come in. He hasn’t offered to reimburse us for any use of anything. Which is fine, we deemed that alright. He’s saving so the two of them can move out.

    Here’s where my problem lies. He’s become a jerk. He’s been yelling at our son, and our other roommate, over the television. They get “too loud” for him when he’s watching TV. I am NOT ok with it. But, because he’s become so volatile, so quick to snap, I don’t know how to even say anything to him.

    A.) You dont pay the cable bill buddy, you’re not even pitching in.
    B.) This is OUR house, and our son has every RIGHT to be in the living room chatting away if he wishes.
    C.) Our other roommate actually pays rent, he has a right to speak.

    Finally, he’s dirty. I mean, not just normal clutter. He’s a pig. He leaves dishes everywhere, trash everywhere, etc. It’s not fair to my son who has to do the dishes, to be his maid as well. Have the common decency to rinse your dishes out.


  3. Omg! How are you putting up with all that disrespect in your own home! Holy moley! I’d have kicked his booty out about 2 weeks ago! lol….seriously, you can’t allow him to treat you or anyone else in the house that way…especially your son! I woulda hit him in the head with a frying pan! He sounds immature, but I would still sit him down (with back up on your side or in public) and tell him either things change or he must find other accomodations! You have been far too nice and lenient to him andhe’s taking full advantage of your generosity! It’s wonderul to be kind to people and help them out, but once they crosss the line and start to abuse you, all bets are off! CAn all of you get together and approach him and give him his options to either shape up or ship out? Wow. I’d be fuming. You are far more tolerant than I! 😉 I wish you luck hun!


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