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Cha cha cha cha changes…

After reading another blog that I’ve been stalking a lot lately, I was prompted to post about change ahead.

Season of change is ahead of all of us; whether good or bad. I believe the results depend on your approach. I am making change for myself, I feel I am ready for it. I had an interview today with a company that has a lot of growth potential within. Out of 300 applicants only 8 were chosen for interviews. Out of those 8 they chose the top two to come in for a secondary interview… I am one of those top two. I am a bundle of nerves: anxiety, stress, thrilled, excited…

I am at a juncture in my life where I am so ready for positive change. I have been working in it slowly. I have had my set backs with my health, but, it’s a decision each day I have to actively make. That decision… is motivation and positive feelings. We all have that ability to wake up and make the choice to be a more positive person. We all need it… we really do.

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