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2011 Toyota Outrage

Is anyone else outraged by the commercial for the 2001 Toyota Highlander? We are in an age of teenagers committing suicide over bullying, and commercials like this not only solidify bullying, but encourages it. This is wrong. I am surprised that I haven’t see more people upset… or is it because the masses are blinded by media as well. Blinded so much it has become rather Borg like.

Some families cannot afford a Toyota Highlander, some are so unfortunate they’re grateful to have a vehicle that runs enough to get them to and from a lower paying job. But, if we were to follow along with the mindset advertisement execs would have you follow, we are to shun those families; for they’re not good enough.

Really? What the hell? I am surprised to also see that Toyota went for this…

Our priorities are so wrong in America… so very very wrong.

3 thoughts on “2011 Toyota Outrage

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the commercial – not only is it condoning bullying in a sense = it is also pushing materialism and how if you don’t have a “high end” vehicle you are not good enough to be friends with – no one would want to be your friend. So not ok…times are tough – people can hardly afford a roof over their heads never mind a new high end vehicle.


  2. You are so totally right about this! I thought the very same thing when I saw it! So rude and insulting to soo many! In this stupid economy who can afford to buy a new car? Even a used one? To keep gas in the junker they have? It is teaching kids to be mean and judgmental and greedy. Disgusting.


  3. totally disgusted with this.

    Not only does it glorify consumerism/materialism/elitism, but it also says that in order to “keep your sanity” as a kid, you have to be able to shut your parents out, because they’re lame. Really. Way to teach kids manners, Toyota. Thanks for the parenting tips.


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