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Deep down even the most hardened criminal is starving for the same thing that motivates the innocent baby: Love and acceptance”

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.” – Martin Luther King


This is the response a patron at Denny’s gave his server after a dispute about the bill, and paying the bill. This punk was no older than 20, and all I could do was chant to myself, “this isn’t your battle, this isn’t your fight.” It took everything me not to grab this mouthy, punk ass “know it all” and show him what’s what. I seethed with anger. But not just for the server, or the situation as a whole, but… because this blaring act right in front of me was the main reason we have had a major rise in intolerance, bullying and suicide.

The server was insulted and frustrated, not a pretty combination. Overall, it was the jackass who flung insults instead of owing accountability for his error. He tried to dine and dash, he was caught, and couldn’t hold his own.

What the hell is wrong with this new generation coming into graduation and career ages? What the hell is going on with America?

I could tell that not only did it hurt the server, but the souls of those who were witness to the whole exchange. The manager of the restaurant was standing there trying to appease the situation, she too was just as embarrassed.

If you go out in public and patron their services, it is your duty and responsibility to pay the debt. There are no free lunches; unless you’re a child visiting one of our city parks and it’s mid-summer. I am so drained, and so tired of seeing the lack of respect and accountability out there today.

We need to learn to love our neighbors. We need to learn to ourselves. We need to be an example for those around us. Calling a person a vile name like “Faggot” just puts another reminder that our society is failing deeply.

We are all driven by the same desires and fears… We want love, acceptance, understanding, and compassion. NO ONE wants to be openly insulted, demeaned and humiliated in front of a mess of people. NO ONE DESERVES to be treated in this manner.

5 thoughts on ““FAGGOT”..

  1. It’s awful that someone could spew such vile crap from their mouth.

    I can’t stand it when I hear someone abuse someone else in public, especially when it’s a situation like you described. It’s infuriating to hear, and makes me just want to smack them in the back of the head and ask “What would your mother say if she heard you talk like this!”

    Of course, he had to learn his manners somewhere, who knows, maybe his parents would’ve done the same thing. ack.


  2. I have, actually. Seems as though everywhere you look, children are talking back, disrespecting, and generally being obnoxious, and not in a good way.

    Ugh, I feel old just saying this, but when I was younger, if you opened your mouth to an adult to be disrespectful, you could not only expect to get a back-hand (verbal or physical, depending) from the adult you insulted, and to hear about it later from your own parents.

    Of course, now sometimes it’s almost dangerous to talk back to the younger generation, as they seem to have no fear of violent retribution. It’s terrible, and sad, that it seems as though courtesy towards strangers, and towards your elders, has been abandoned for immediate sociopathic gratification. There are no consequences anymore, it seems.


  3. The same day that you blogged this I sat across the dinner table from a cousin who I haven’t seen in ten years and listened to him describe the constant sparring between his two teenaged sons. He very cooly described how one son calls the other “stupid” and the other replies with “faggot” consistently during their arguments. I was horrified. I hadn’t heard that word said out loud in years, litterally, and here they were telling somewhat of an anecdote about their daily lives and using that word. Strangely I read your blog from the same day and there’s that word, in all caps.


  4. @ Brea – As much as I have tried to teach my son a different route, unfortunately, he has the influence of others around him in his age group. He has become mouthy, disrespectful and a little jerk. I love him to pieces, and tried really hard in raising him against those mannerisms. I raised him on no television; that helped a lot. I also want to smack the hell out of the little punks we see. I think it has a correlation between the web era, a lot of the processed chemicals we put in foods, and unfortunately people in our generation who have lost the connection and touch with their children.


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