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.. can we evolve? ..

Has our society changed so much that the standard form of counseling is no longer a helpful, healing approach?

I have found myself pondering this since the events of today. I can’t stand moments like this, or actions that brought me to the question in the first place. Yes, having a counselor has helped me greatly. I have learned a way to stand up for myself without discrediting, or discounting, my feelings. I have learned to offer respect and accountability to those I hurt, argue with or reach a negative stand off with. We’re taught since childhood that being kind, courteous and accountable is the higher road. My expectations when I apologize is an acknowledgement in return. I do not mean that I need validation, or that I need a return apology. I definitely do not mean that I am looking for a best friend to grow in place of the negativity. However, such hurtful mean returns are not expected.

I do not know if it means that those in my generation, since they are the ones that I usually butt heads with, have lost compassion. Or if it means that we have become so self absorbed that we fail deeply in noticing the hurt we’ve caused in others? Can traditional therapy and counseling fix this? I am really shocked over how angry, bitter, and hurtful our society has become. I am baffled by the complete disregard for another’s feelings. Where have we gone wrong as a society?

A simple disagreement turned into a vile and hostile back and forth between me and myself. I kept reiterating my accountability and apology for any hurt I caused. I told him that I forgive him, and accept him for his differences no matter what his heart is holding onto keeping him angry. His response, “I know they probably taught you to say that in therapy, but do you know the meaning of what you’re saying?”… One belittling insult after another. I really don’t think that our society can move, grow, or evolve further. We’re at a stand still with those who wish to change and those who are blinded by their own hatred.


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