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Turning a page…

“The books that help you the most are those which make you think the most.” – Theodore Parker

I don’t think I can wrap my mind around a Kindle, Nook, etc; these are the hand held ebook devices that allow you to be book free. I can’t fathom being book free, really, I cannot. I remember a craze a few years ago where people were weirded out about CDs, and why they just weren’t as good as vinyl records. I have to say, I agree, and that books are the very same for me.

The first memory I have a book doesn’t come until much later in life, not because I didn’t read but because I cannot remember much from my childhood. I remember cracking open an older book and smelling the pages. This smell lingers with me today, every time I walk into a bookstore, used bookstore, or library. It’s an indescribable smell; much like the cement after a fresh first rain. These are the things that stay with you. I do remember, as a child, I was thin and small enough to climb the door frames of our house. I would then position my legs on one side, and my back against the other. I would sit there for hours, away from my older and younger brothers, just so I could read in peace.

Books are important, they’re our history. I understand that this is the E age, and everything is created to enable an “easier” society. But really, books? Books are beautiful, old and wonderful. I just cannot see how curling up with a blanket, dog, cup of cocoa, and an electronic book reader has the same passion as doing the same with a classic novel. It’s about the experience for me.

I crave everything from the sound of the pages being turned, my eyes taking in the black basic font on yellowed thick paper, to the smell of ages coming off the bound adventure. It really is the experience for me; experience makes memories. I just see this as being void in the experience of a hand held ebook.

Today, I am thankful for classic authors who put their words on paper, allowing for an avid reader such as myself to partake years later.

2 thoughts on “Turning a page…

  1. I soooooooo agree! I will never give up the real thing! I adore real books, the feel, the smell the experience…that’s all part of the enjoyment in reading! It will be so sad if future generations don’t have the specialness of a REAL book. I have hundreds on my shelves, on my end tables, night stand, floor…in my purse! They’re everywhere, even in my car. I take every opportunity I have to read. A Kindle or Nook might be convenient, and I certainly wouldn’t mind having one…but it would never take the place of the real thing.


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