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Stop Domestic Abuse

We were at our post investigation wind down Denny’s last night. There was this very apparent methhead there with his girlfriend. This dude is the poster child for methhead. Tattoos… all over his body, skinny and wiry as fuck. She already had a shiner under her left eye. He was treating her horribly. I wasn’t the only one that noticed, the guy in the booth in front of them did as well. As they were leaving, he was just talking serious shit to her; belittling, demeaning, etc. They walked outside, right out the windows of the restaurant, and he started going off on her. His arms waiving around, inches from her face, etc. We were concerned he was going to escalate. The guy in the booth by them got up and walked over by the window and was watching.

I got up, and went outside. I asked her if she was ok.
He stood right in front of me, trying to block her path. I said, “not you, i’m addressing her. Are you ok?”

No response. He said, “Why the fuck wouldn’t she be?”

And they left.


I’m concerned that our intervening, even in the slightest, is cause for greater concern later. Did our concern make it worse for her later.


I hate carrying that with me, the what if and the knowledge that one way or another she was “in for it.” If she just said one word, or gave me one look, there were three men and I ready to assist. My husband, our roommate and the guy from the booth. It kind of killed the night for us, and we ended up leaving shortly there after.


For the last 24 hours I have been super concerned about her. I can’t shake it. So, if there’s just one person who reads this blog, one woman in a similar situation, please know that you’re not alone. Please know that there is help for you.

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