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Growth and Growing Apart

I had a rough, rough childhood. I never knew “love” from my mother (father unknown) and the only healthy relationship I was in observation of was my grandfather. My mother has been married 5 times, raging drunk, bi polar, etc.

I am 34, married and have one 14 year old son. I realized about August 2009 that how I was doing things in life wasn’t working out well, and that I needed to change not others. I decided to go into counseling. I’ve been in counseling to heal from my childhood trauma, confusion in my life, and letting go of anger or anxiety. Each day I see growth within me, each day I get a little bit more satisfied with where my life is headed, I seemed to grow further and further apart from my husband. Brief history:

I have known my husband for about 18 years, but we’ve only been married for 5. I believe now, after deep soul searching, I married him for safety, comfort and contentment. He is what I needed at that juncture in my life. Now, however, he just doesn’t do it for me. I mean, so severely to the point that I get kind of ill with the thought of sex, kissing, etc.

I want to know if anyone else has gone through individual counseling, for an extended length of time, and has found that as they grow and change… their relationship starts to change as well??

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