Love.. really?

Whatever happened to unabridged love, and genuine happiness in relationships?

I mean, is it really lost? We see so much heartache, pain, break ups and people walking around in a zombish depression, it really has me thinking.

Is it because we’re a society of “throw away” and instant gratification?

Is it because our generation, 30 somethings, grew up in families that have been suffering since WWII? The role of a woman has been lost amongst the ideals and expectations of two income households….(my personal opinion).

People get content with living a cyclic relationship of you hurt me, I hurt you.. but it’s safety so it’s ok. I am not innocent in this, I’m not preaching.. merely questioning our love existence (if it really exists).

Ugh, so frustrated today. .. Or am I only pondering this because of the new outlooks on things due to counseling? I just get so overwhelmed with the idea that love, caring, compassion… are figments of our imaginations. Ironically, as I’m typing this.. Pink’s song came on:

One thought on “Love.. really?

  1. Life has gotten in the way of love. When we were children it was easier “Do you like me: check yes or no” then you either had a boyfriend or not. Now…we’re adults…past relationships have damaged us enough to be wary of true love. We can handle the “You hurt me, so I hurt you”…what scares us now is the undying forever and always type of love.


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