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December 14 – Appreciate What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)

This year, 2010, I found a new awakening in being appreciative for things around me. In the past year I have:


  • I was let go from my position.
  • I lost a number of friends due to a disagreement
  • My husband’s hours were dropped substantially
  • I got super sick, and was diagnoses with an obscure disease
  • I had surgeries galore
  • I had a mental break down
  • I started counseling
  • We lost our condo
  • We filed for bankruptcy
  • We lost our cars in the process

Out of all these things, I’m still alive. I am still ticking. I am still motivated to be better, do better and connect with what makes me “me.” I started my gratitude project last January because of these very things happening to me. I was depressed enough not to see the joy in every day life. I literally forced myself on some days to focus one what I was appreciative for, and what I as thankful for. When you’re faced with adversity, trials and tribulations, you’re forced to look for some glimmer of light. This past year these are the areas I was most focused on.

I appreciate my husband, and all he does to keep us in health and home.

I appreciate my friends, who support the changes I have been making.

I appreciate my son, he’s been such a teacher in my life.

I appreciate working, I am thankful and grateful for a position that pays.
I appreciate our landlord, who gave us a 2nd chance knowing we filed bankruptcy.

I express my gratitude in different ways.Each day I find a new way to pass it on, pay it forward, or just smile genuinely to a total stranger.

One thought on “Appreciative

  1. It’s so true how difficult staying in the moment and appreciating what we have around us can be. Your blog is a beautiful testament to embracing mindfulness full on.
    (Aside: Recently I was in Google videos and happened across the videos of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life. Some clips appeared to be from her movie and some from her self-study. My journey towards realizing the power of thoughts, the impact they can have in altering chemicals in your body and other stuff I’ve read about neuro-plasticity fascinates me.)
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


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