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Slice, slice, slice

My ROFL knife goes slice slice slice


December 25 – Photo – Sift through all the photos of you from the past year.

Life is like playing chess with GOD,
after your every move he makes the next move.
Your moves are called CHOICES;
His moves are called CHALLENGES.. !!!

I could have chosen a more flattering photo, hair done up, dressed nice, etc., but I chose this one. But I chose this one because it’s one of the more memorable photos from this year. Why did I chose this one, because it’s one of the defining moments in my life this last year.

Being sick with Sarcoidosis has lead me down another path of self discovery. At first, I was really nonchalant about it, actually rather glee. I was excited that it wasn’t lymphoma, and that things would be ok. However, somewhere in there I realized that this is a life long disease. Like flashing neon signs, I had an epiphany… This is serious. I mean, this is my life… MY LIFE. Not just the proverbial “life” .. but my actual living, breathing body. I touched on it in a previous blog, “New Challenge”

So, I chose this photo because it’s a reminder of what I’ve endeared so far, and what my future holds on my health and medical front. Notice my lovely neck wound…

Tis’ only a flesh wound.

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