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Apocalyptic fears..

Love, Compassion and Faith

I’m a bit scared. No, actually not a bit scared… totally bloody terrified. So afraid in fact that each time I see a news link, a news briefing on television, or random people in public talking about it, I want to pretend the wool is pulled over my eyes and I’m oblivious to the reality out there.

Birds don’t just fall from the sky. . . . period. ( I have been corrected by a friend, apparently according to the Audubon society, it does happen… just never reported like now)

Fish don’t just die, by the thousands . . . period. (Same friend, according to the Fish and Wildlife Department, it does happen… just not as widely reported like now.)

Not to mention it’s now across state lines. Maybe it was a fluke in one state, and one state alone… but it wasn’t. “’These large events do take place; it’s not terribly unusual,’ says U.S. Official” … Of course they’re going to say that, it’s to keep the masses at calm.

Something is up, something’s amiss.

My first instinct is to pray. Despite your religion, belief, pray. Praying is a good start. Faith and belief in what you’re praying for is a good follow up.

In a weird bloody bizarre instant, however, I don’t feel like praying for myself. I want to pray for others. Those who aren’t feeling this. Those who are walking blindly, paying no attention to the static in the air.

There’s been a rise in negative hauntings.

There’s been a strange occurrence of weather; 10 days of rain in California / Snow in the High Desert.

There’s been a lot more devastating natural disasters the last five years.
Birds and fish dying in masses by the thousands.

And we’re fucking with DNA way too much; panda / cow hybrid? Why would ANYONE do this?

Please don’t think me a doomsdayer, I truly am not. I have spoken with other sensitives / psychics who all feel it too.

Compassion, love, healing, health, life, light, positivity, and praying are key right now.

4 thoughts on “Apocalyptic fears..

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I just see it as part of the cycle that’s presenting itself. Everything is “circling the drain” if you will. There are a few truly compassionate, truly open to love people out there. I’m trying to warm myself by their light.


  2. apocalyptic fears. Well said!

    That bird kill in Beebe, AR west of Little Rock was followed days later by a bird kill reported in the news in Labarre, LA. These towns are on a direct North/South Line. You can zoom in and out with Mapquest and see it plainly. Weird coincidence? or evidence of some kind of mechanism between related events; like a sattelite orbit with a friggin microwave heat ray. I’m probably being a weirdo conspiracy nut; but our news these days is so filtered. I don’t want to be afraid to ask these questions.


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