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. Unaffected .

Power of Positivity – Daily Affirmation: I am unaffected by negative attitudes around me. It feels amazing to hold my peace.

Rhonda StapletonBefore you speak a harsh word, remember that you can crush another’s spirit and cause deep wounds that take a long time to heal, if ever. While you cannot control how others feel, you can control your own self. We are all human and have the same vulnerabilities, the same rawness just beneath our skin. Treat your negative words like a loaded gun and think really hard before firing at others.

I'm Sensitive

It all started as a miscommunication with a coworker, not really a miscommunication per se but more of language barrier. I don’t want to rehash the details, but essentially we’re both doing the job we’re hired to do, but the ball is being dropped somewhere. Our company is in the belief that not holding anyone accountable, or holding them to be responsible, is the best way to go. I firmly DO NOT believe in that. Everything a person does has a reaction; from physical work to simple words put forth.

Instead of actually working with me and assisting me in understanding what is being said, showing me an example, I come into work this morning with a nasty email that went out to every manager at my company. (Keep in mind this person is a manager himself).
Anyway POD’S WAS FOUND IT WITH 1/3/10 manifest in the cabinet for POD’s. It’s only 5 steps for her to Get those!” (He’s Peruvian, and speaks very rough English. POD stands for proof of delivery/signature on file.)
“It’s only 5 steps for her to get those…” In one sentence he’s alluding to my weight and me being lazy. This is not an over exaggeration, he’s does this before. He’s a manager! I don’t care what part of the world you’re from, and your views on the different gender roles a male and female has, you’re in America now… adjust. It is not appropriate, NOR LEGAL, to make comments like this so openly. What he’s failing to understand is that I

A. Do all the entries as the PODs come in
B. Do ALL the filing, so I put the PODs in said file cabinet
C. I have gone back numerous times, they’re not there.

Why not just be honest and say, “We don’t have them.” Instead of trying to divert attention away from your error by passing it back to me, then insulting me. Harsh words to sting, weigh heavy on the spirit, and for me, can cause a serious reaction of self harm and mental lashing. I allowed this person to navigate my emotions by poking my biggest insecurity with a hot fire iron. I failed to hold true to myself, and allowed him to cripple my exterior.

I AM statements for today:

I am human, I am ok with my emotions.
I am at peace in this realm of negativity.
I am accountable and responsible.

2 thoughts on “. Unaffected .

  1. Amen, sister. Well said–your affirmation is good for my soul today, and I was totally thinking of that Jewel song too.


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