HORK … spew

HorkBeen sick, no real posts to be had. So I’ll repost what I wrote on facebook:

Please, Dear God of All Stomach Flu Viri,
Take the stomach pain away. I can handle the puking, I can handle the rest. But, for the love of all things muscle crampy, please spare me the cramps in my stomach that cause me to double over and yelp.

Thank you,

…Your faithfully infected minion.

P.S. – Some of us are trying to earn a living here, doubling over and yelping in a customer’s ear when they call doesn’t bode well for you nor I. Just remember, if my wages are affected your tithes will be as well.


3 thoughts on “HORK … spew

  1. Hope you feel better and thanks for sharing your image with us, I hope you don’t mind that I linked to it from the main page of our blog today …

    P.S. I’d like to share a quote I stumbled upon (seems fitting for your blog):
    Gratitude is appreciation with a Thank You attached
    attribution, Michelle A Reiss, PhD, author of Lessons on Loss and Living


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