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1 year down..

1 yr wordpress anniversary! I have had other blogs on other sites, starting with Geocities back in the day. This is the first one I actually felt a kinship with.

On January 25 I wrote my first blog entry here “Seeking Peace”: Seeking forgiveness. Seeking others who wish to see a change in 2010.

In the last year I have found a new forgiveness, for myself and others.
I have learned to listen before judgment.
I have learned to process before reaction.
I have learned my worth.
I have learned to love.

I want to thank you all for being apart of that process. Thank you, for being readers.

One thought on “1 year down..

  1. Hey, sorry I missed this! Happy blogiversary! I started out on Blogger, but moved over when I found one of my favorite authors, Kim Harrison, on WordPress. Fell in love with the bells and whistles, and flipped.

    It’s been an amazing process, and I’m so glad I did it – and amazingly glad I got to meet you through this!


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