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… Ease …
..”With ease..”
.. “At ease..”
..”Easy like Sunday Morning..”

Ease…. just the reading the word leaves me unsettled. I cannot approach anything with ease, let alone contemplate how I feel about it.

At ease..” my inner voice is always telling me “At ease child, at ease.” Ease has never come, well, “easy” to me. Everything from flittering thoughts to anxious actions have been with panic. It is so hard for me to just be at ease, even while meditating. This is partially why I am in counseling; all the anxiety inside.

With ease..” nothing in my life has ever come with ease. Everything I have done from grades to pregnancy, relationships to employment, and loving unconditionally has never come from a place of ease. Everything in my life has been down through a whirlwind, with me in the eye of the storm. I think it’s rough to say, “with ease..” at any juncture of my life. I am trying to learn to move with ease, liquid (cool and relaxed).

So, in contemplation of my word of the day, I am aware that my energies are worthy of my body slowing down, my mind calming and my breathing to become one with ease.

2 thoughts on “Ease

  1. Perhaps “ease” is not what you were made for. Maybe peace of mind would be more your style. I would hate it if you were to lose all of that frantic energy that makes you the wonderful person that you are.


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