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Hippie and Afroman

Regan and Vinnie Circa 88/89

I have never seen “Welcome Back Kotter,” but a friend of mine informed me that my husband looks a whole lot like “Vinnie Barbarino.” This was me o.O huh? I went to Google…

Vinnie... looks like Vinnie.

Last night I was going through old photos to scan and upload into facebook. One of my yearbooks is falling apart, when I picked it up a bunch of pages fell out. I shuffled the pages back together, and went to stuff it into the book. Low and Behold, I see my husband… I then notice that it’s me as well!!

This is my husband and I (dude down in front is someone else). I never even knew that we knew each other back then. But, apparently we had a class together in Jr. High. I never talked to him then.I was introduced to him in High School, I dated his best friend. For ten years post High School, we remained friends.
We married five years ago.

We went to the grocery store. Walking out, Vinnie sometimes likes to stop at the quarter machines with Bug; such a kid he is. Well this one time, he started putting quarters in this tin ring machine. He put like .75 cents in, until he got the one he really really wanted.

It was an emerald cut faux diamond tin ring. He took my hand, put it on my finger and said “When we reach our 50th anniversary, I’ll buy you a real one”.. I could only laugh and say yes!

4 thoughts on “Hippie and Afroman

  1. What a great picture ! Just think, all those years ago you were standing next to your future and did not even know it. Also, I wanted to say that I like the picture of your Grampa Bennett. I think he is kind.


  2. Aw, love the pictures and the story that goes with it! Just goes to prove, that some things WILL stand the test of time! All we have to do is be patient.


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