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5 years.

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I love giving gifts, especially ones that make me feel all gooey and warm inside. So, two Christmas’ ago I bought this book for a “friend” (at that time) hoping that it would help her make some positive changes in her life. See, she was living with us because she was freshly out of jail, 74 days in the joint to be exact. I had known this friend since junior high, and felt concern for her when I watched her steadily decline into a depressive state. I had hoped that this super cool book would help her lay out a path, make goals and see the value she was. I think, mayhap, I was a bit more excited for it than she was. I watched her read it a few times, never actually seen her do the journal work in it. This saddened me. I then asked myself, “What the hell Regan? If you’re this into it, go get yourself one!”… So I headed out to do so.

I headed out to Starbucks, as this is where I discovered the book, only to find that they were sold out. As it was, I had to call 5 different Starbucks for my friend’s gift. In my hunt for a journal to own, I learned that Starbucks not only were sold out, but they no longer intended to carry this kick ass little green book.

Fark Me! I really wanted this book.

Last week I was on Amazon looking for an inspirational book from my supervisor. She’s accepted a position with another company and will be moving on. While looking for books on encouragement, I found THE BOOK!! I was so excited, without haste I put an order in for one. The book is no longer a green linen covered book, it’s red. I was a little disappointed in that. It was smaller, more journal sized, now it looks a lot like a Dr. Suess book. However, the pages within… are the same!

The book is called “5: Where will you be in five years from today?”

I did my first assignment in the book Monday night. There were a series of questions revolving around my personal values in life. One of the questions is, “Who are two people I like and respect the most, and why?” The two people I chose to write about are equally important to me for two very different reasons.

The first person I respect the most is KarenT. Karen is an amazing woman. She has come from a life of alcohol addiction that lead into sobriety for 28 years now.  God what an inspiration!! She is a single mom to a challenging but awesome kid. She works her ass off. She’s passionate, loyal, caring and sincere. But what has lead to the biggest respect for her is her honesty, albeit at times brutal, it’s honesty none the less. If she can survive what she has gone through, then by all means we all can survive. She’s not a perfect person, she has her idiosyncrasies, but it’s the honesty that comes through in regards to those areas that makes her bright, lovable, understandable and brilliant! This is a surrogate mom to me. She’s a big sister. She’s a good shoulder. She’s a steady hand and open ear. She’s a mentor above all. I love you KarenT.

The second person that I have a ton of respect for isn’t because of what she’s gone through in her life, but where she is going. I haven’t met Rhonda in person, yet. I met her on facebook (yes, the devil!) from a funny post on someecards.

Her quick wit totally had me cracking up. I was like, “I dig this chick.” I ended up befriending her after seeing some comments on other posts from someecards. I learned from her profile she was an author, this was my second “ah-ha” moment with her. I began talking with her about writing and life. She’s a hip bird with charm, brights, a smile and tats.

She began posting count downs to her “freedom.” She was making the transition from working for others to working for herself. This is why I respect her so. Not only is she brilliant but has the gusto to step off the unknown to chase a dream. I love reading her quibs, posts, and her randomosity of Panera. She’s a teacher. How fucking lucky these students are to learn from her. I’d love to have her as a teacher, life coach, all around friend!

Even though I don’t “know” her, I totally respect her. I want to be Rhonda when I grow up.



9 thoughts on “5 years.

  1. Regan, I can’t quit crying…I am just so humbled by your words. Being a part of your life and watching you embark on this part of your journey has meant more to me than you will ever know. Your commitment to grow, learn and move forward, no matter what stones or boulders are and have been put in your path has been an inspiration not only to me, but I know to so many others. I am awe-struck by your gut honesty and truly have the utmost respect and regard for you. From the moment I met you, my life has never been the same. And I mean that in a good way. LOL Continue on your journey, honey. I will be here for you as long as God allows me to be…and when I’m not…I will still be with you. When I tell you that I love you, I mean that from the very depths of my soul. xoxo


  2. I’m honored and humbled to be on your list!! There are so many things about you that I envy, like your serenity and dedication to self-improvement and the craft. You rock, sista.


  3. I found your blog through Rhonda. I agree, she is amazing. I read a comment you had posted to her, and from there tracked you down. Creepy cyber stalker alert aside, I’m very glad I did. I have enjoyed your blog very much! I thought I would let you know that the circle continues.


  4. FYI ~ I still have that book and add to it often. You may think it didn’t mean a lot to me but it did. And still does.


    1. I never knew you kept it. You never really seemed .. thrilled with it. You were rather reserved in regards to the gift. I just assumed you thought it was lame. I have to tell ya, I love the book!!


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