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Mission Statement

My next assignment in my book of 5 is to create a mission statement. The idea is that once written, once the energy and effort is put into manifesting a dream or desire it will allow you to put it into fruition.

I had a hard time doing this. To me, it is almost like trying to sell myself in an interview. Anything really that makes me focus fully on me causes some discomfort. My form of reacting to this discomfort is to close off any and all positive thought process. I used the prompts they provided after a few failed attempts.

  • What is your calling?
  • What is your life’s aim?
  • What inspires you the most?
  • What activity or service in your core values urging you the most?


My core values I listed were: Honesty, Friendship, Accountability/Responsibility, Unconditional Love, Respect/Integrity


After writing different lists of desires, ideals, values, and goals, I focused on what the strong attributes I have are. I wrote down my psychic abilities, my passion and compassion for assisting others, my writing and photography. How can I combined these together to fulfill a mission statement, or long term goal?


I came up with:

My mission in life is to fully connect with those you are seeking guidance. Whether through writing, photography or using my abilities to answer when I feel or hear the call.


I am not sure I’m fully connected to this mission statement. But, this is a start.


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