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Life Wheel – Health

Life Wheel


Health, as defined by Webster’s: a : the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially : freedom from physical disease or pain.

Health, as defined by Regan’s dictionary: a : the condition of actually waking up each morning, especially: during moments of obesity, negativity, and sarcoidosis.

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The next Life Wheel spoke I want to focus on is my health. I have blogged a lot about my health, concerns, and more. I feel I really need to write it down, list wise, and focus on it; if not only to blog but to write it on Post Its and put them all over the house, work, car, friend’s foreheads, back of son’s head (since that’s all I see of him anymore), and my dog’s tail. Obsessed much, nah…just determined to get back on track with accepting “me”.

  • I will be more aware of my body and the signals it is giving me. I will focus on the needs it is requiring of me.
  • I will focus on getting a healthier weight, no matter what “number” it is. This will not only help my weight, but eventually my diabetes.
  • I will focus on changing my environment enough so that my sarcoidosis has less flare ups. I will make sure the dog hair is vacuumed often, things are disinfected, and cleaning so that dust is not a factor.

I am so unconnected to my body and the signals she gives me. If my neck hurts, I complain about it and move on. If my head hurts, I feed it Tylenol. If my back aches, I deal with it. If my stomach hurts, I don’t pay attention to what I’ve eaten, and what may have caused it. As a result, I am extremely obese, I have diabetes, frequent colds / flu, and a generalized “discomfort” about me. I really need to stop the moment a headache hits me, and focus on what brought me here. “Am I thirsty?” “Am I hungry?” “Is there a scent in the area that I am allergic too?” I need to learn to be fully within me, and connected to each muscle, sinew, fiber and cell of my being.

If I focus on ‘losing weight’ I will sabotage myself. Instead, focus on healthier choices so that natural weight loss may happen. I will focus on being happy with wherever my body decides it’s comfortable at. I will stop comparing myself to others, worrying about weight judgment, and learn to love the skin I’ve been gifted from God. Prior to being diagnosed with Sarcoidosis I was on a big weight loss run. I was put on steroids for the Sarcoid, and gained it back plus some. I was doing really good with my eating habits, and the weight was just coming off. I will get back to that, and make it a habit!

I have become really lazy, and almost tolerant of a messy house. I know without a doubt that our dog hair, dust and old house that sprouts black mold near the windows, is NOT helping my medical issues. I also need to stop blaming the others in the house for it consistently being messy. Yes, they are a huge contributing factor.. frankly “boys” just do not see a mess like a female does. However, I am capable of cleaning myself. It just was easier when it was only my son and I. I need to make the effort more into taking care of my surroundings, and less at pointing it out to others. In the end, my lungs and body will be thankful.

3 thoughts on “Life Wheel – Health

  1. You being healthy means a lot to me. Please start working on it and do not stop until your healthy goal has been met. You can do it and I will continue to believe in you. Work hard, smile a lot and praise yourself often.


    1. Your inner voice is simply singing the only song it knows. When you are able to see yourself through your own eyes and not filtered through the eyes of everyone else, your inner voice will learn a brand new song.


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