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Life Wheel – Career & Education

Work = Latte $$

I have decided to combined both career and education on my Life Wheel; without a good education you cannot achieve certain goals. This is another rough area for me. I have held a lot of positions where the end resulted in being laid off, or let go. I have found that since these incident have taken place, my reaction to them is a lot similar to being on constant “survival” mode. I have taken to submitting a smeg load of resumes, and accepting without thought the first job that comes a long. I have found it rather helpful to actually think about my career goals. It is inspirational to put them onto paper, look at them and refill the dream energy like a cup to water.

  • I dream of a position with longevity and stability.
  • My passions are within the design side of marketing and/or advertising.
  • I am limited on my skills for graphic design, what I do know I’ve taught myself. I need to go back to college, finish my AA and work towards more design education.

I dream of a career, not a job. I dream of an extended family, co workers to go out and have margaritas with. I dream of company parties. But, I dream of getting acknowledged for one, five, ten or more years of service. I want to feel stable, so that I can relax my anxieties towards surviving a career life. I have a lot to offer. I am a kick ass employee. Sure, it has taken a good portion of my 30s to learn what I have to offer, and what I will accept as treatment. It has taken a lot to learn the art of biting my tongue, and standing up for myself in a more diplomatic manner. I think everyone has a phase where they learn that. Now that I am fully emerged, like a phoenix from the ashes, I am ready to conquer the path to my career.

For me to survive, however, I need creative outlets or I tend to get bored and slack off. ( Much like what I am doing right now at this job) I absolutely thrive in an environment where I can be creative, use my imagination and put my ideas into work. I need a work environment that will allow me to be creative and grow. I want to be challenged. I want to be encourage. I flourish and grow personally when I am acknowledged for my abilities, pushed to my boundaries. I may argue. I may fight. I may go kicking and screaming. But in the end, when I have learned what is needed to be learned, I will throw my arms around whomever and praise them for sticking through it with me. Help me C R E A T E me.

Even though I am incredibly interested in graphics and designing business cards, brochures, pamphlets, etc I am very limited on my skills. I know I need to further my education. Especially if I want to migrate into the role I dream. Everything I know at this moment is from doing self education. I am a tactile learner, I have to do the work, error and try again. So, my goal is to go back and finish my AA, moving into a more creative educational role.

This is one of the very first “animated” graphics I made, back in 2003:

This is one of the more current graphics I have made, back in 2009:

6 thoughts on “Life Wheel – Career & Education

  1. I know you will find exactly the job you want, at exactly the right time. The value of Regan is not determined by all the cards coming together in some magically wonderful hand. You are priceless today, just as you were yesterday and will be tomorrow. I have posted a prayer for you on my blog


  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that you find that perfect career! You will….. be patient….. Love the graphics! You got talent! 🙂


  3. I LOVED what you wrote here, Regan. Such growth and honesty! You are a VERY talented woman in SOOO many ways and I just know that you’re going to be put exactly where you need and want to be. I think it will come as a total surprise and so out of the blue you’ll be going “Huh?” LOL There are no coincidences. 🙂 I love you…very much.


    1. Thank you so so so much Karent! (You know, to this day, I still have to put the T after your name! Ha-Ha) I love you more than you know. I want to embrace that talent and run with it.
      { Big Hugs }


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