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Reasons to Lose..


Reasons to Lose Weight

  • For me
  • For my family
  • So I can tie my own shoes
  • So I can fit comfortably in my car
  • So I can enjoy intimate situations with my husband
  • To Feel Sexy
  • Be more energetic
  • To see my feet again
  • So I can breath easier
  • So I can get my diabetes in check
  • So I can go dancing without feeling like I’m taking up too much space
  • So I can enjoy roller coasters again
  • So I can ride the big swing ride at the fair
  • So I can live!
  • So I can wear:

6 thoughts on “Reasons to Lose..

  1. You are such a gorgeous woman! Now, should you choose to lose for health reasons (mental health, physical health, and emotional health) then all the more power to you! How can I support you, girlfriend?

    xoxo –



  2. hmm…
    when i’ve lost weight in the past, it’s because i’ve forgotten about the weight whilst trying to do something else – ie hiking in new zealand.
    when i focus on what my body can DO instead of how much it weights (or how it looks), the weight just seems to go by itself.

    (oh, and ahm, “intimate time” counts here too)


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