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Just remember…

Sometimes we’re all a little:

All Rights Reserved – NaBHaN at Deviant Art

Sometimes we all feel a little:

All Rights Reserved© - NaBHaN Deviant Art


Sometimes we all need to remember to:
Because everyday is a:

So please, when you’re feeling alone or forgotten, or if you’re feeling a little fragile, take some time to relax and embrace your new beginning each day.
It will be a beautiful day.


6 thoughts on “Just remember…

  1. Wonderful post! I’ve definitely been feeling alone…forgotten…depressed…I need to remember to stop and relax and to appreciate each day…as a new beginning…thanks for the reminder.


      1. thanks regan. i’ve just been kinda blah lately…not online a whole lot…my eyeballs have been giving me problems lately…and why not? every other part of this broken down bod has…the eyes may as well jump on board the “lets torture tammy” boat! lol…i do enjoy your blog though! 😉


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