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I have decided that for the next goal listing on my Life Wheel spokes I am going to merge three together: Adventure, Recreation and Travel. I am also taking a fun approach with this entry: Ghosts, Hauntings, Psychics.

I know that I have touched periodically on me being a medium. Mediums are people who have a special gift that allows spirits to give messages from the afterlife. There are various methods in which I receive messages:

  • Clairvoyant: able to see beyond the range of ordinary perception
  • Clairaudient: is the psychic ability by which the psychic can hear sounds and voices that are not audible to common people
  • Clairsentient: is the ability to hold an object or touch someone and sense the energy surrounding that person
  • Claircognizant: is the gift of simply knowing that something is correct; a gut feeling, “red flags”, etc
  • Retrocognition: knowing the past, without previous knowledge of
  • Remote Viewing: ability to gather information bout a person, place or “target” that is in an area other than physical perception

Sounds an a lot like a mouthful, but they all really just merge together. I get visions, sometimes mild and sometimes strong. They usually come in confusing at first, like snippets of a jigsaw puzzle. It could be a simple picture of something and I have to work with the spirit, talk my way around whatever it is they’re trying to say. I have had this ability since childhood. It’s natural to me, like wearing glasses. I thought everyone could see, hear and talk to those on the others side. I assumed it was apart of life. It wasn’t until I was a lot older that I realized I was an abnormality… or as my friends say, “Reganomoly.”

My experiences have led me to working on a local cold case of 48 years. I have assisted with victim location for a local notorious murderer; after he was convicted. And I have helped many individuals in my life. I think one of the more memorable telling moments In my memory bank was when I was about 9 years old. I was on the city bus with my mom, sister and mom’s boyfriend at the time. We used to travel to and from every weekend, seeing sights and enjoying family time. Whenever we rode the bus, my sister and I always ran to the back of the bus to sit on the long seat.

On the bus, near Volunteer Park in Seattle, there was this couple sitting adjacent to us. Normally we were rambunctious, looking out the back windows, waving at passer cars. But here I was stuck staring “at” the male in the couple near to us. I wasn’t looking at him. I was looking at the old woman with him, her her hand on his shoulder, and a really sad look on her face. She was real to me, but I knew no one else could see her. She looked so troubled. This guy, however, assumed I was staring at him (which as an adult I can understand why). He was a punk.. like a “punk”.. hard core; mohawk and all. As him and his girl departed the bus, he turned to me and said, “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” in a rude manner. As a girl, I was shocked and deeply hurt. The old woman just looked at me, and hung her head as she slowly followed behind the young man.

Since this time, I have learned to only communicate the messages to those who are receptive. I do most of my conversing with the dead, in these regards. How does this all play into my 5 year goal plans? Well, I currently use my gift the most for the paranormal investigations team I run with my husband. Our team is named A.P.A.R.T. Of Washington; Auburn Paranormal Activities Research Team. We have been active since 10/22/2005; our wedding anniversary date as well. It has been wonderfully helpful to work with individuals who are requesting assistance in a psychic matter. Members of our team have travelled to Deer Lodge, MT., Victoria B.C., Nevada, California, Oregon, and all over Washington State. This is our hobby, our recreational outlet.

It has allowed me to flourish and grow more in that area of “me.” I am no longer too shy to speak up and about it. I still teeter back and forth regarding my accuracy; although it’s been pretty accurate so far. But I always have that lingering doubt, thoughts that I think I’m crazy. So for my life wheel, I want to focus on these areas of adventure, travel and recreation:

  • I will learn to be a bit more adventurous, reaching out more to help those that request it psychically.
  • I will open myself up emotionally so that I can start to do more personal, one on one, readings.
    I want to travel to places like Greece, Ireland, England and Romania to investigate some of the more active, and older, locations.
  • I will focus on my health and weight so that I may be more active in the recreational part of investigations.

One thought on “Life Wheel – Adventure, Recreation, Travel

  1. Very cool. My mother, grandmother, great-grandmother…on back always had a knack for “knowing” things.

    I’ve had some interesting moments in my life…but not as tangible as yours. I’ve had dreams that would seem nonsensical…but later I’d find out that what I had dreamed…lined up with something that happened around the same time as my dream…or not long after.

    For instance, in highschool…I dreamed a friend of mine had “supposedly” died, but I knew it wasn’t him. I kept trying to tell everyone…it wasn’t him that died…it was someone else close to him, they were wrong and needed to know they were overlooking something important. I felt frantic, as if they could have saved the one that died if they just paid more attention.

    The next day at school, I told my friend about my dream…we laughed and joked about me dreaming about him. But, that same afternoon…he was helping his dad chop firewood and his dad had a heart attack and died in his arms.

    That’s an example of a more obvious dream. I dreamt once…about two turtles crossing one of the highways here in my city. A little one, and a big one. I was trying to help them…to get the turtles to turn around. The little one heeded my urging and turned around…the larger turtle kept going and was quickly killed by oncoming cars. It was a very graphic dream…lots of blood.

    I awoke in a state of intense grief and couldn’t go back to sleep.

    A couple of hours later I was watching the early morning local news…and there was a report about a couple that had pulled over their car (on that highway) b/c they were fighting. The man decided he wasn’t going back home with her…and chose to cross the highway on foot. He was hit by more than one car, dragged for a few hundred feet and killed.

    It had happened right around the time of my dream.

    I guess my brain kind of tunes into things that are happening…but isn’t tuned in enough to really help anybody. That sucks.


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