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The power of manifestation..

So here I am alone at work today; except for the drivers and dispatch out in the warehouse. I can’t leave my desk, not even to use the loo. Today, of all days, itshay hits the fan worse than it normally does here. I’m exhausted by 10am; granted I work at 5 am. So I’m sitting here, at my desk, thinking, “Man, I could really use a cookie right now.”

This is the time of day, about 1:30pm, that I allow myself a small sugary escape, but today I didn’t have anything and I couldn’t leave to get something. Knowing this I begin to think really hard about cookies.

Oatmeal Raisin
Macadamia and White Chocolate
Chocolate Chip….

Then I start to think harder about the cookies I really miss, you know those fresh from the oven “mom’s” cookies?

Her seven layer cookie

her brownie cookie…


I know, “Fat girl on a carb kick..” Totally lost in thought the door to the business opens.

I quickly wipe the drool off my chin and look up….

One of our vendors came in with “Friday Cookies” gift for the company!!

All I can think about is A… EATING A COOOOKIE… and B. TOTALLY FACEBOOKING IT… which I did, both, simultaneously.

I immediately get a response from a friend, “You know, baby Jesus sent that cookie for you.”

Gobbling away, crumbs feeding my breasticles.. I contemplate what she says.

I can totally get behind that Jesus statement. Because not an hour before, I was in the bathroom praying… praying for patience.

Apparently, in Jesus’ eyes, Patience comes in a medium shaped, rounded, baked perfectly, soft, and delicious choco chunk cookie.

Or more accurately… a whole dozen of them!

Thank you Baby Jesus.

8 thoughts on “The power of manifestation..

  1. SO funny!!! I need to figure out this “manifesting” thing in my own life! However, I’m not sure if some of the things I think about at work would be appropriate if they were to show up at work. 😉


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